British and Malaysian Diplomat

When I was a teenager, seeing people with coat make me want to be the same as them. As I grow up, I know that I want to be just like them and I want to become a diplomat. British diplomat to be exact.

When I try to be one, it is not that easy to become one. I heard from my Malaysian friend who previously applying to become a diplomat, it is hard to enter to become one. Candidate must excel and perform in Malaysia diplomat examination which is contoh soalan pegawai tadbir diplomatik ptd m41.

I know, because I try previously, it is not as easy to become a diplomat. But, I am thankful, because now, I am able to do the things I want, promoting video and others in this wemoveweb marketing agency.

I will try my best to improve our service and be the best in my field.

Diplomat turned to be a marketer

It is me, I want to become a diplomat, but, it turned out that I am becoming a marketer. It is good things that I am becoming a marketer as I will try my best to do the things that I good at. By promoting others people business.

For me, the best part by being a marketer is, to be able to work from home. To see my children and I can do whatever I want without restriction. Have freedom in both time and money. It is more important than being a diplomat.

To diplomats out there, whether it is from Malaysia, UK, US and other, just excel in your field and do the best.